About Us

Paradise Fish & Pets opened its original location in Pasadena in 1997. Julie and her husband, Harold, wanted to follow a path that allowed them to work for themselves while also doing something they loved. For them, that was anything that included pets!

 Julie had extensive experience breeding dogs and fish before opening Paradise Fish & Pets, which allowed her to have significant knowledge in many areas. She also learned as much as she could about birds before they opened their weekend only shop, while still working full time at their previous jobs! It was about a year before Julie was able to quit her full time job and open the store during the week too.

 In 2013 Julie and Harold moved the store from Pasadena to Humble, which is where the store is located today. As a family owned business, you’ve likely seen their daughter and granddaughter working in the store at various times. Today, the store has exotic pets, reptiles, fish, birds, puppies, grooming, aquariums (and maintenance) and a doggie boutique!

Thank you for shopping locally and supporting our family owned business!

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